About Us

envyrozone specializes in meeting the challenges of unique recycling and waste diversion situations. If your recycling and waste management program has special requirements, we will work with you to create product designs and signage to best represent your objectives. Our dedicated field research staff can determine the proper direction for waste diversion and ensure that our products are designed to meet your location’s specific waste requirements and sustainability goals. Our internationally acclaimed award-winning industrial places an unmatched emphasis on function and aesthetic appeal. We combine form with function to create both custom and standard products based on your requirements.

envyrozone’s 101,000 sq.ft. facility is strategically located near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport providing excellent access to materials, subcontractors and logistic services.

Our in-house team of qualified engineers look for value add solutions to create a more efficiently produced quality product. Being flexible and responsive to both client and market demands is a philosophy envyrozone and its employees follow on a daily basis.

envyrozone has worked with some of the largest corporate and municipal organizations in the world, tackling a variety of challenging recycling product installations and recycling requirements. We are focused on the recycling and landfill redirection needs of our clients. Our solutions address the facilitation of collection, removal and reuse of recyclable materials as well as the integration of a collection program into a holistic corporate recycling program. We’ve recently added cleaning and maintenance services as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure all envyrozone’s products maintain the highest level of professionalism in representing our clients sustainability initiatives.

Why the containers are so important…

The first and most distinct communicable message of environmental awareness is through the implementation of a successful recycling program. We’re committed to developing and building products that meet your complete recycling and landfill redirection program needs.