Sustainability Audit

Envyrozone’s Waste Audit Services support the “4R” program: Reduction, Recovery, Recycle, Reuse A successful recycling program requires improvement in 3 key areas:

  • Site waste reduction and recyclable diversion
  • Customer perception and participation
  • Employee perception, training and participation

Envyrozone offers a suite of services to ensure the greatest value in all 3 areas.

1. Site / Facility
A. Waste / Sustainability Audit An effective recycling program begins with a comprehensive “Baseline Audit” of all waste generated by a company, facility, municipality or institution. The baseline audit serves as a benchmark for the success of the overall recycling/sustainability initiative as well as any pilot programs. The audit will identify the following:

  • Number of waste streams
  • Stream volumes by type, location and container type
  • Recyclable volumes diverted from landfill by stream and total
  • Capture rates for each waste stream
  • Contamination levels for each waste stream collected
  • Reduce / Reuse opportunities
  • Opportunities for purchasing sustainable alternatives to current use materials

The audit results serve as the basis for the development of the Sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard for both the executive and line levels. The scope and duration of the audit is customized based on the overall objectives of the client organization’s Sustainability Strategy.

B. Sustainability Performance Dashboard The most common reason Sustainability and Recycling initiatives fail is the lack of clear and relevant objectives and the inability to track progress in a meaningful way. Just “putting bins out” is NOT a successful recycling program. Our consultants partner with your Sustainability team to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), KPI measurement systems and KPI goals for all areas of your sustainability initiatives. We develop Sustainability Performance Dashboards for the executive and line management levels. Using our international experience, industry benchmarks and global best practices, we ensure that you are focused on the right areas and have continuous information on the success of the programs.

C. Waste Reduction Plans Using the results of a Baseline Audit, Envyrozone consultants partner with your sustainability team and senior management to develop a detailed plan for the implementation of a Sustainability and Recycling program and the monitoring of the progress towards your Sustainability and Recycling goals. The waste reduction plan includes:

  • Development of improvement goals for KPIs
  • Detailed action plans (per site or location) and corresponding progress milestones for Diversion, Contamination, Capture Rate and other indicators
  • Action plans for Reduction and Reuse
  • Internal Communication plans
  • Sustainable purchase initiatives
  • Design and deployment of recycling containment
  • Contract negotiation and/or sourcing of waste haulers

2. Customer GPA Assessment Because recycling is the most visible part of any sustainability strategy it is critical that customers are aware of the program and are actively identifying and participating in it. Envyrozone’s Customer Green Perception Assessment (GPA) is designed to develop baseline measurements for:

  • Customer perception of a company, institution or facilities sustainability, recycling or green initiatives
  • Impact of Sustainability / Green initiatives on customer purchasing or consumption decisions
  • Effectiveness of advertising and branding initiatives related to recycling containers

3. Employee
A. GPA Assessment While site audits are critical, effective recycling does not happen without the support and participation of front line employees. Envyrozone’s Employee GPA assessment measures employees’ knowledge of and commitment to the organization’s green policies and sustainability initiatives.

B. Communication Because customer-facing employees have a huge impact on customer perception Envyrozone consultants work with your communication team to ensure they are aware of your recycling initiatives and able to communicate them clearly to customers. In many cases employees will also be the biggest participants in the programs so we make sure they are able to participate effectively themselves.

C. Training Programs What can be recycled? Where does it go? What is the company’s sustainability strategy? Envyrozone consultants ensure your team is ready, willing and able to communicate with and involve your customers in the recycling initiatives. We offer on-site training and design customized training curriculum.

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