Let’s Determine the Solution and Layout Right for You!

envyrozone has the expertise to build efficiencies in your recycling program. It can help you choose the right products to match your needs or design a new unit to address unique requirements. envyrozone can also perform an audit of your property to map out where the receptacles should be placed to achieve maximum usage.

Fully Customizable Transit Solutions

As global manufacturers of custom products for the retail store development industry, OEM industrial, automotive, construction, in addition to our recycling and waste disposal products, we create systems + solutions that work for some of the largest transit authorities around the world. With the most extensive line of recycling & waste containers on the market, envyrozone ’s proven solutions ensure noticeable beneficial results. envyrozone containers can be made from rustproof, heavy-duty aluminum or plastic and will endure extreme weather and heavy use from commuters. They are ideal for both outdoor and indoor deployment and the patented front panels open to permit easy removal of the refuse bins inside. They also offer space for advertising or messaging, ensuring that our product increases your return on investment. In addition, we can also help our clients achieve success with their sustainability program by performing a waste audit of the planned points of deployment. This will ensure the most effective unit is installed at the most appropriate site positions to offer maximum usefulness. Please fill out the custom solutions request form, and we would be glad to further assist you.

  • Sanitizer Dispenser, round stainless

    Envyrozone’s Clean line of sanitizer dispensers. The CL-001 is made of 304 Stainless steel and uses a robust piston system for years of public use. A quick locking system allows for quick changes of 1 litre bottles of sanitizer.

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  • Sanitizer Dispenser, large capacity 20L

    The CL-006 hand sanitizer dispenser is built for high traffic areas. Its large 20 L (5 Gal) capacity means less frequent bottle changes and fewer empty situations.
    It is completely hands free using a motion sensor. The unit can be powered by 110 V or using batteries.
    Its stainless steel construction means years of corrosion free use.

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  • Sanitizer Dispenser, square stainless

    Envyrozone’s Clean line of sanitizer dispensers. The CL-003 is made of 304 Stainless steel and has a modern style. A quick locking system allows for quick changes of 1 litre bottles of sanitizer.

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  • Domain recycling bin

    The Domain recycling containers are modular bins that can be joined together to create as many streams of collection as you need. Simply combine two curved end units with as many middle interior units as you need.
    The Domain includes a rigid plastic liner for easy emptying and cleaning.


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  • Slim Recycling Container

    Product code: CA-291

    The modern looking Slim recycling container is made out of aluminum and is powder coated for long lasting performance outdoors.  It is a two stream bin that can be configured with a front door for placement against a wall or with a rear door  for street side emptying by larger trucks. It has adjustable feet for placement on uneven surfaces.


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  • Hazelton Three

    Product Code: EL-003

    Award-winning ergonomic design, made to last. Ensures efficiency while maintaining optimal durability and security with this recycling container

    Available in stainless steel or powder coated versions

    Sloped design prevents rain, snow and refuse from collecting on top.

    Available with front and rear opening doors or  just a front door with a solid back panel.  The doors can be configured to hold 60″ by 30″ posters, they can be solid or they can have a custom laser cut logo or pattern cut into them.

    This recycling container is also available in one, two and four stream versions.

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  • LaSalle

    The La Salle series of recycling containers are designed specifically for indoor or covered applications

    It is available in a powder coat finish in various colors or stainless steel. The front panel works with a poster or without and the stream inserts are easily changes as the streams of waste and recyclables you collect change

    La Salle recycling containers are available in two, three and four stream versions

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  • Granville recycling bin

    The Granville recycling containers is designed with transit authorities in mind for higher security areas such as around train platforms.  They are designed to allow users and security personnel to see if suspicious packages have been deposited.

    This clear style also has the added benefit of allowing cleaning staff to easily see if the containers are full as well as greatly decreasing contamination rates between streams.

    Fabricated out of Stainless steel and  polycarbonate these containers are built to last.

    The Granville is available  in a number of models depending on the application.

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  • Pillars

    Product code:  CA-101-S
    Designed for indoor installation, Free Standing with Neoprene bottom.

    Constructed out of 18 gauge 300 series Stainless for long life

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  • Spadina

    Product code: CA-030

    The Spadina is part of the security line of recycling bins.  It has an easy release mechanisms to ensure efficient refuse removal and clear bags keep contents visible at all times for security purposes. Constructed in durable stainless for long lasting performance.  The Spadina is available in 1, 2 or 3 stream versions.

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  • Mirage

    The custom laser cut logo makes the Mirage receptacle a popular choice as an exterior waste container for companies and organizations.
    It has an aesthetic design and comes in multiple finishes that support interior and exterior deployment.

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  • Horizon Bench

    Proven durability, designed for outdoor use and built to last.Highly-functional and easy to maintain.
    Highly-customizable, attractive and modern, ergonomic design.


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  • Millennium

    Designed for outdoor recycling and waste management.

    Highly-customizable, durable and secure design.

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  • Milano Collection

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  • Heritage Collection

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  • Firenze Planter

    Designed for year-round outdoor urban and commercial beautification, durable and easy to maintain.

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  • Heritage Planter

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  • Milano Multi

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  • Delano Plastic Bag

    Practical solutions specially designed for retail requirements.

    Clear design gives extra security features

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  • Empire

    The Empire Ashtray keeps grounds clean and free of cigarette butts.

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